The All New Magic Tortoise

#LifePaintings (31 pictures)

Done at "The Big Picture" Group, which i went to throughout the mid/late noughties, and sporadically since. It's a good thing to do! I've done a few life drawing classes in the past, which were fun, but there's only so many life drawings you can bother storing. At the Big Picture you get a painting every four weeks rather than four drawings a week. Quality over quantity! Anyway..... They're mostly nudes, which is a pretty classic oil painting subject, but I do try to do something a bit different with many of them. They're all in oil and/or alkyd. Many of them are on what I’ve been calling specimen drawers. I don't know if that's the right word for them. They are always throwing out old furniture at the university, and there were this set of old very shallow drawers which reminded me to the kind of thing they might keep fossils in in the basement of the Natural History Museum. They make great paining boards!